1.50” to 1.25” 93356 Lithium Ion Battery Power Nozzle, Hose, & Accessories for 1.50” Commercial Backpack Vacuums

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1.50” to 1.25” 93356  Lithium Ion Battery Power Nozzle, Hose, & Accessories for 1.50” Commercial Backpack Vacuums

The 93356 uses the latest in battery technology to provide a power nozzle solution for domestic and commercial vacuums without the need for expensive electric hoses or the use of extension cords to provide power. Once the battery is mounted to the top of the nozzle on off control is easy using the step on foot switch positioned on the top of the nozzle. The full size 14” 93356 power nozzle provides all the cleaning performance of traditional vacuums and the carpet grooming necessary to clean deep down dirt and debris improving carpet life and maintaining carpet appearance. Adding a powered nozzle to battery vacuums and traditional canisters lacking a power nozzle using static tools or air turbines will dramatically increase cleaning results and surface grooming. The winged design of the 93356 provides a low profile and access in and around furnishings, chairs, and tight spaces. The winged side of the nozzle brings the brush closer to nozzle edge and a deep channel permits generous airflow for superior edge cleaning. The commercial hose with full swivel at both ends won’t kink or add stress to the cleaning associate nor the system extending life. The grip makes the 93356 the easiest, most maneuverable, system available for those seeking the performance of a 1.50” backpack vacuum with 1.25” accessories. The 93356 is compatible with major brands of commercial backpack and canister vacuums including ProTeam, Mosquito, NSS, Tenant, Power Flight, Tornado, Numatic, Sandia, Bissell, Sanitaire, Hoover, and Nilfisk.

  • The 14” wide full power 93356 lithium ion battery power nozzle is a self container power nozzle solution for carpet vacuuming without the need for expensive electric hose or the inconvenience of extension cords. The 93356 allows traditional commercial backpack vacuums backpacks using poor performance air turbines or static tools to step up to the improved cleaning result associated with a battery electric nozzle offering a plug and play solution.
  • The 93356  lithium ion battery mounts directly on the top of the power nozzle and is activated with a simple foot switch allowing total control of the power nozzle agitator. The battery is designed to provide a full hour of operation from a single charge and can be recharged with the included 2.5 amp charger in an hour and fifteen minutes. The battery has an estimated cycle life of 500 meaning you can anticipate well over 400 hours of use delivering four years or more in a typical domestic or commercial setting without the need to replace the battery.
  • The 93356 lithium battery nozzle has large soft wheels for easy movement on carpet that will also allow the nozzle to transition on to hard floor surface without risk of damaging the floor surface. The nozzle provides superior surface grooming of even the plushest carpet while insuring a deep clean. The chevron agitator is designed to draw dust and debris into the air stream and provides a durable solution easy to maintain.
  • The 93356 backpack vacuum accessory includes a 1.50” X 54” commercial grade vacuum hose with double swivel 90 degree cuff to mate with the vacuum converting to 1.25” accessories through Cen-Tec Systems proprietary 360 double swivel pump handle grip for better control. The hose is connected to the battery nozzle or for hard floors a 14” commercial floor brush through a chrome telescopic wand with Cen-Tec’s trademarked ButtonDown easy release.
  • A full set of accessories including 9” crevice; 4” dusting tool. And upholstery tool with slide brush provides everything necessary to support above the floor cleaning.

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