1 ½” x 4 foot commercial backpack vacuum replacement hose

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1 ½” x 4 foot commercial backpack vacuum replacement hose

The 91354 is designed to be a general replacement hose for all commercial back pack vacuums with a top center entry port into the vacuum body including those produced by Pro-Team, Tennant, Perfect Products, Bissell, Karcher, Hawke, Sanitaire, and Nilfisk. The dissipative feature makes it an ideal replacement for the Pro-Team 103048 which has a similar dissipative benefit.  The four foot hose length and double swivel 90 degree fitting lets the hose fall to either side of the vacuum complimenting use by both right and left handed vacuum users. The hose construction assures superior airflow and uniform flexibility to insure durability and performance. Unlike wire support stretch hose the 91354 add little weight to the vacuum making it less fatiguing to the user when vacuuming time is extended.

  • The 91354 features a 1 ½” X 4 foot commercial grade dissipative vacuum hose with a 360 degree swivel cuff for the working end of the hose and a 90 degree double swivel connecting cuff for connecting to the vacuum end. The hose has a smooth interior for superior airflow complimenting and support high performance back pack vacuums.
  • The dissipative hose helps prevents nuisance shocks to the back pack user when used in dry climates or during the winter as they move across carpeted surfaces.
  • The 360 degree 1.50” universal tool connector help prevent the hose from kinking and putting stress on wrists and forearms during vacuuming. It is designed to work with all industry standard 1.50” s-wands, extension wands, and wands connected to pivoting tools like the Sidewinder and Pro-Glide.
  • The double swivel connector for the tank end permits the hose to be used to either side of the top fill back pack vacuum complimenting both right and left hand use. The 90 degree angle stops the hose from hitting the user as they move through their work.

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