2” X 50 Foot General Purpose Gray Wire Support Hose with Nylon Reinforcement Web

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2” X 50 Foot General Purpose  Gray Wire Support Hose with Nylon Reinforcement Web

The 65511 is an excellent general purpose 2” wire support hose ideal for use in applications in commercial cleaning, material handling, fume recovery, extraction equipment, and as a connector hose for central vacuum sweep inlet valves like the Vacusweep, or Vacpan. The 65511 construction makes it easy to cut the hose as the application demands without compromising the integrity of the hose.  The smooth interior is maintained by insuring the hose jacket does not project into the interior of the wire coil for superior flow with reduced risk of clogging. The highly flexible hose is ideal for mounting sweep inlet valves under the counter of cabinets insuring against clogs, and other restriction to flow. The 65511 is ideal for use in the electronics field where a hose suitable for transporting cool air is required. Other applications include foggers, as a ventilation duct, as a flexible connection between pipes, a vacuum hose in commercial cleaning, as flexible hose connection in injection molding operations or as a hose suitable for hundreds of general purpose needs in plant application.

  • The 65511 is a 2” X 50 foot wire support vacuum hose with 0.375” uniform pitch, smooth interior, highly flexible, with nylon reinforcement web to permit use in light pressure applications.  
  • The 65511 has steel spring wire is PVC coated and adhered to the gray PVC jacket to keep the wire position stable when cut to length in application. The nylon webbing helps to keep the wire position stable In the hose jacket and reinforces the PVC extruded jacket.
  • The 65511 construction method insures a stable smooth interior and reduces any reduction to the interior diameter when put into an application which compels the hose to remain in a bend. The smooth interior makes for reliable leak resistant connections over smooth tubing using traditional clamping methods.
  • The 65511 can be cut to size as demanded by the application using a traditional blade knife and wire cutters.

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