Electric vs Turbine Revisited

Posted by Ray Storti on 17th Jun 2015

A turbine nozzle and low voltage hose can be found for about 50% of the cost of a premium electric nozzle and total control electric brush. Why should I spend the extra money for an electric nozzle?

This is a fair question. To properly answer, you need to first ask what you are trying to accomplish in vacuuming your carpeted surfaces. The three most commonly identified objectives in selection of a cleaning system are: capturing embedded dirt and surface litter, protecting carpet life, and surface grooming which reflects a maintained surface, including effective edge cleaning against base boards or furnishings.

Thinking through these objectives represent the primary reasons the decision to pay the $200.00 premium for an electric nozzle is easily justified.  Based on the industry accepted ASTM test methods, an electric nozzle will double the embedded dirt cleaning effectiveness of even the best air turbine nozzle. An electric nozzle is designed to effectively clean a carpeted surface with air flow of half one can expect from their central vacuum. This relates to the fact the electric nozzle has a motor which delivers reliable speed to an agitator designed for deep carpet cleaning.

Contrast this with a turbine that takes energy from the air stream to drive the agitator. Performance can be further effected if a filtered vacuum as the filter is loaded with dirt reducing air flow and the speed of the turbine impacting the drive delivered to the agitator.

Surface grooming and edge cleaning also favor an electric nozzle. The uniform agitator speed of a premium electric nozzle provides for better surface grooming regardless of carpet type. Selecting a nozzle designed for brushed edge cleaning by setting the belt drive away from the end of the nozzle leading to more effective edge cleaning.

In a home where more than 50% of the floor surface is carpeted, replacing the carpet and padding can be as expensive as a new car purchase. Properly maintained high end wool carpets can last 15 years and still maintain a respectable appearance. The new high density soft carpets are too new to have proven their usable life but represent a surface judged harder to clean and maintain than hard yarns so the effectiveness of the vacuum system in capturing embedded dirt may be even more important. Heavy dirt like sand, when examined closely, can have sharp edges which left in the carpet can wear or even cut fibers as the dirt is crushed under foot. it is the wearing action of these particles over time that can diminish the appearance of your carpet leading to a need for replacement. An electric nozzle gets more of this damaging dirt from your carpet and can add years to its useful life, which can save you thousands of dollars while maintaining a superior appearance all the while more than compensating for the investment in selecting a premium electric nozzle.

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