Canister Vacuum and Home High Reach Kit, 12 Ft

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Canister Vacuum and Home High Reach Kit, 12 Ft

This reach system permits the user to clean elevated horizontal and vertical surfaces while standing safely on the ground. The system is comprised of extension wands, adapter wands, and unique cleaning tools permitting you to clean around elevated window frames, on top of cabinets, into plant shelves, and light fixtures. The reach system is lightweight allowing it to be used comfortably and under control. All the wands lock together and the commercial grade ABS compression locking collars on the adapter wands insure to tool is secure when working overhead. The reach system includes two hoses. One for use with the reach elevated cleaning accessories and a second when using the standard cleaning tools with the powerful commercial vacuum. The reach domestic system is ideal for cleaning service companies contracting to clean homes with elevated entries, tall stone fireplaces, kitchen cabinets stopping short of the ceiling. The 90-degree pivoting duct tool will clean ventilation duct up to two feet in diameter making the reach system ideal for urban rustic industrial home conversions. Commercial grade throughout the reach system will deliver years of use and a cleaner healthier home.

  • This reach system permits the user to clean 12 feet above the operator's height while standing safely on the ground
  • The unique pivoting sidewinder tools allow you to clean both vertical and horizontal surfaces using the selected adapter wands
  • The ventilation tool permits the cleaning of exposed round ventilation duct popular in the industrial style. The unique 90-degree neck configuration finds the curve and cleans the complete surface
  • Each reach system includes a powerful commercial vacuum generating 120 cfm to insure you capture dust and debris from elevated surfaces rather than just brushing it off to fall to the floor
  • The system includes a complete standard accessory set for traditional cleaning of floors, in the garage, car, or RV

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