Central Vacuum Accessory Kit with 30-Feet Low Voltage Hose

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Central Vacuum Accessory Kit with 30-Feet Low Voltage Hose

The 90320 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuums including Nutone, Beam, Cyclovac, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Imperium, Drain Vac, Star Power, MD, and M&S that utilize industry standard inlet valves having a typical 1.50” opening and low voltage contacts on the inner surface. The wall end has two steps making it compatible with the unique size of the Nutone wall inlet. The 90320 employs an air turbine nozzle which uses the power of the airflow to spin a rotating agitator for cleaning and grooming carpeted surfaces. The hose is 30 feet long and includes low voltage wires permitting on-off control of the vacuum from the hose grip. An aluminum telescopic wand with nylon collar is light weight and the telescopic feature easily activated with a simple slide button. The 90320 is a great compliment to homes having an electric power nozzle for areas of the home with wall to wall carpeting but limited solutions for cleaning mixed floor surfaces and area rugs.

  • The 90320 is designed for use with major brands of central vacuums. It is great for today’s homes featuring mixed flooring including hardwood, area rugs, tile, stone, vinyl, and limited wall to wall carpeting.
  • The set includes a 1 ¼” X 30 foot low voltage on-off hose for activating the vacuum from the hose end. The wall end is designed for industry standard wall inlets having an approximate 1.50” opening and two low voltage contacts in the inlet tube. The hose is highly flexible and crush proof providing years of reliable use.
  • The 90320 includes the 35268 12” air turbine floor nozzle with a floating agitator which spins using the airflow from the vacuum. The floating agitator allows the air turbine nozzle to adjust to differing carpet conditions to optimize agitation and cleaning performance. Two large oversized wheels in the back and two smaller non-marring wheels in the front permit the tool to handle transition areas from carpet to hard floor without risk of damaging floors making it ideal for use on low pile area rugs.
  • A 12” natural fill floor brush with tapered ends is ideal for cleaning hardwood and similar floor areas where one may be concerned about damaging the surface. The tapered ends permit the floor brush to maneuver easily around furnishings and into tight spots. An aluminum telescopic wand is lightweight and easily controlled with one hand permitting adjustment to fit the need of the user or cleaning environment. Basic above the floor accessories round out the set.

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