Central Vacuum Low Voltage Attachment Kit with Switch Control 30' Hose

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Central Vacuum Low Voltage Attachment Kit with Switch Control 30' Hose

The 92718 hose has a two position on-off switch which creates a circuit through the two low voltage electrical contacts in your inlet valve. You will see the wall end has a two metal contact plates separated by a thin plastic landing. These small tab projecting from the top of the hose end that helps you orient the hose in your inlet. This tab should be located at the top of the inlet valve opening as you insert the hose end. The wave combination nozzle is designed to move from carpets to hard floor without the need to make an adjustment. There is a simple friction connection between the floor nozzles and the end of the telescopic wand to make changing tools easier. The wand ratchets at one inch intervals from 25 to 42 inches so you can adjust to a height comfortable for your use. Many find the 92718 an ideal second package to compliment their electric brush kit for the portion of the home dominated by hard floor surfaces like the kitchen, family room, den, or basement.

  • The light weight highly flexible hose is made in the USA and is designed to power on and off the central vacuum power unit through industry standard pin jack inlet valves. The wall end is designed to fit Nutone and other inlets with a measured 1.50” diameter opening. The hose will work with standard accessories and any of the industry air turbine nozzles. It is not for use with an electric power nozzle.
  • The package comes with two floor nozzles. One is a multi-surface nozzle which works equally well on carpet and hard floor surfaces. Ideal for area rugs and areas of the home where transitions from carpet to hard floor are typical. The second nozzle is a premium 12” USA produced hard floor brush with natural horse hair fill ideal for delicate floor surfaces.
  • An Italian made ratchet chrome telescopic wand with nylon collar and a full set of soft vinyl accessories are ideal for cleaning above the floor. The accessories include a 5” natural fill dusting tool, a 13” vented crevice tool, and 5” upholstery tool with a built in brush strip ideal for stairs and the sofa, a mesh caddy bag collects everything between uses and the mesh allows you to easily see the tool you need through the bag.
  • The 92718 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuum systems equipped with industry standard pin jack inlet valves including Beam, Electrolux, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Nutone, Hayden, MD, Canavac, Cyclovac, and Imperium. To confirm this package will work with your inlet valves you can confirm there are two small contact points located in your inlet valve on either the top half or bottom half of the inlet valve opening.

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