Central Vacuum & Utility Vacuum Wet-Dry Interceptor Accessories

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Central Vacuum & Utility Vacuum Wet-Dry Interceptor Accessories

The 96168A is designed to offer wet and dry capability to a central vacuum or utility vacuum. This capability makes it ideal for working in a garage environment vacuuming out cars, boats, or recreational vehicles. The 25 foot vacuum hose plus the six foot connector hose provide a combined 30 feet of system length for remote cleaning. The stainless bin adds holding capacity to the vacuum system, protect and lengthen filter life, and address moisture that might be present that could damage a central vacuum or utility vacuum motor. The 96168A is ideal for commercial environments like restaurants or other food service establishments where you want to prevent food particulate from entering your vacuum where it could promote bacteria growth. The hose ends are designed to fit industry standard inlet valves permitting its use with major brands of central and utility vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Vacumaid, Cyclovac, MD, Vacuflo, Canavac, Bissell, Hoover, Garage Vac, Great  Vacs, Nutone, M&S AirVac, and imperium.

  • The 96168A includes a rust proof stainless steel bin interceptor that can be set in front of a central vacuum inlet valve or a utility vacuum to provide wet-dry and bulk debris capability. The stainless bin is mounted on a wheeled trolley for ease of movement. Bin capacity is four gallons dry and or three gallons wet.
  • The commercial designed float system automatically shuts off the air flow to the vacuum as the bin reaches wet capacity.
  • The 96168a includes three hose assemblies. A six foot hose is used to connect from the top of the interceptor to the inlet valve on a central vacuum or into a utility vacuum providing the airflow necessary for wet and dry recovery. A short jumper hose is installed into the inlet of the stainless bin and has a friction connector. A 25 foot commercial grade standard hose will press into the jumper hose to vacuum through the interceptor system or can be used as a standard hose to the inlet valve or utility vacuum offering maximum flexibility.
  • A squeegee  tool is provided along with other wet-dry compatible accessories including two plastic extension wands, a 4 inch dusting tool, a 10 inch crevice, and 5 inch upholstery tool for general cleaning.

Will not work on Ultra Soft Carpets. Click HERE for Ultra Soft Carpet Kits.

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