Commercial Combination Hard Floor & Carpet Combination Nozzle for Backpack & Canister Commercial Vacuums

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Commercial Combination Hard Floor & Carpet Combination Nozzle for Backpack & Canister Commercial Vacuums

The 69823 combination hard floor and carpet combination tool brings the advantages of a combination nozzle to vacuums designed for use with commercial s-wands. A combination hard floor and carpeted surface nozzle eliminates the need to change tools as one moves to cleaning environments with frequently changing floor coverings. The convenient step on peddle allows a cleaner using a backpack or canister cleaner to quickly transition from one floor surface to another with bending down saving the time and user fatigue associated with systems that use different tools for different surfaces. The neck is designed to keep the tool parallel to the cleaning surface for more effective cleaning when using an industry standard s-wand equipped vacuum. This feature allows for the use of high performance backpack and canister vacuums equipped for 1.50” tools to realize the benefits associated with a multi-surface combination nozzle. The 69823 is ideal for the contract cleaner who works in office spaces, residential environments, and soft goods retailer where racks can require bending and stooping when using traditional tools. The 69823 is compatible with industry standard backpack vacuums equipped with 1.50’ hose and wands including Pro-Team, Perfect, Tennent, Karcher, Sandia, NSS, Mercury, Rubbermaid, Bissel, Sanitaire, Powerflight, and Nilfisk. The 69823 is ideal for use with all major brands of dry commercial vacuums equipped with 1.5” commercial tools like Pro-Team, Sanitarie Bissel, Perfect, Karcher, Tennant, Nilfisk, and Powerflight.

  • The 69823 is a 10.5” wide peddle activated combination nozzle compatible with all 1.50” industry standard commercial s-wands with compression locking collars The design keeps the tool parallel to the floor surface on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces for more effective cleaning.
  • The 69823 features a foot controlled lever for switching from carpeted surface use to hard floor by raising the metal plate backed nylon brush. The peddle feature allows the user to move from carpeted to hard floor surfaces without the need for a tool change saving time and the hassle of changing tools. The result in improved productivity.
  • The 69823 features a quiet roller on the undersurface of the pivoting neck for easy quiet movement of the tool on both carpeted and hard floor surfaces. The metal back plate insures a flat stable brush surface protecting hard floor surfaces from coming in contact with the non-corrosive metal back plate.
  • The 69823 neck is designed to fit to industry standard s-wands. This fit results in a low profile making the 69823 ideal for use in office space and retail environments where reaching under low profile furnishings or into soft good racks without the need for the cleaning associate to bend down reducing back strain. The lightweight tool and 10.5” width allows the tool to access spaces that can’t be serviced by the typical wide commercial tools.
  • The 69823 measures 2.5” from the fully extended brush to the highest point of the tool to allow access keeping the connected compression s-wand collar parallel and low to the ground.

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