Commercial Utility Vacuum Wet-Dry Interceptor Kit

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Commercial Utility Vacuum Wet-Dry Interceptor Kit

The 92894 is designed to expand the use of your utility vacuum by adding the ability to collect wet debris or liquids. The system also permits recovery of bulk material in advance of the vacuum saving bags and making disposal easier. The 1 ½” accessories are typical of high quality commercial cleaning systems making the system ideal for applications in a commercial environment. The 92894 can be utilized with most major brands of utility vacuums. Because it is designed to work with a piping system inclusive of a low voltage circuit it is compatible with most major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Nutone, Vacuflo, Vacumaid, Canavac, MD M&S, Star Power, and Imperium.

  • The 92894 utility vacuum wet & dry accessory package is designed to permit recovery of liquids or bulk solids in advance of the utility vacuum increasing capacity between clean outs. The five gallon stainless bin is mounted on a wheeled trolley to permit easy movements. A commercial float system is designed to close as the bin fills during wet pick-up as the bin reaches capacity. The five gallon bin can also be used for recovery of debris in advance of the filter bag in the utility vacuum saving on filter bags and keeping unwanted heavy debris from entering the piping system or vacuum. It can be connected to the vacuum directly through the on machine utility inlet or to a remote work station should you add a piping station utilizing the low voltage circuit. Effective wet capacity is 3 gallons, dry capacity if four gallons.
  • A 1 ½” X six foot commercial grade vacuum hose connects to through the top of the stainless bin to the vacuum or piping system which insures the wet recovery float is in service. A second 1 ½” X 20 foot commercial grade hose connects to the face of the bin to permit use of the extensive range of accessories. Using a 1 ½” hose increase air flow and aids in pick-up of heavy debris or wet recovery.
  • A two piece double bend commercial aluminum s-wand  with ABS compression collar connects from the hose to either a 14” commercial squeegee or a 14” commercial hard floor brush with a robust nylon fill The squeegee tool features a soft natural blade for single past collection of water or slurry. The floor brush has a window cut to insure collection of large  debris without the need to lift or raise the tool.  
  • A plastic hanger bracket and an over sized mesh caddy bag with zipper are provided for storage of the set between uses.

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