Complete Central Vacuum Accessory Kit with Metal Wands

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Complete Central Vacuum Accessory Kit with Metal Wands

The 91431 is designed to be a general use straight air accessory set for the home, shop, or garage. Often it is used as a second tool set complimenting the power nozzle or turbine package that came with the central vacuum. Having a second tool set can save you time and effort moving a tool set from floor to floor in multi-story homes. The hose end is designed for what has historically been industry standard inlets and will activate a system with low voltage contacts in the wall valve. There were a few valves typically produced before 1980 which may use a micro-switch for activation of the vacuum. In most cases the 91431 will still work but the automatic activation of the system will not be delivered by the banded cuff.

  • Designed to provide a basic set of accessory tools for a central vacuum. The 91431 features a 1.25” X 30 foot non-electric hose produced using a unique process that provides a very smooth interior for superior airflow and quieter use.
  • The 13” metal friction curved end is designed to swivel over the hose meaning less stress on you and the hose. Friction indicates that all tool to tool connections are made by the two parts wedging, pressing together without a physical locking mechanism. 
  • The wall end is an industry standard 1.50” on the outer diameter making it compatible with all major central vacuum inlets which have a 1.50” inlet with the exception of a Nutone branded inlet which has a slightly smaller opening.
  • The package features two chrome wands with nylon friction collars to help them stay in place without them wedging together so they can never be separated. A 12” natural fill floor brush and a combination nozzle which is ideal for area rugs door mats. A basic accessory set including a 10” crevice, 4” dusting tool, and 5” upholstery. The mesh caddy bag allows you to collect and store the tools on the hose hanger with the hose in a bag that gives you visibility.
  • This set is ideal for a basement, garage, or general use in the home especially on hard floor area. The floor brush is ideal for cleaning hardwood floor, tile, stone, and vinyl.
  • Industry standard wall valves and utility inlets on central vacuums that include this feature have the same inner diameter and will accept this hose end. The metal band will activate the low voltage control of your vacuum turning it on as it is inserted. 
  • The 91431 is compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Beam, Eureka, Vacuflo, VacuMaid, Imperium, Cyclovac, Star Power, Canavac, Hayden, Air Vac, MD, and Nutone systems not using the Nutone branded square inlet.

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