EarlyGrow Over-sized 24” X 15” Tray Bed Seed & Herb Propagator with 2 Vented Height Extensions

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 EarlyGrow Over-sized  24” X 15” Tray Bed Seed & Herb Propagator with 2 Vented Height Extensions

The Early Grow 93807 heavy duty over-sized herb and seed propagator is designed for use in the germination of seeds protection of young seedlings in an environment which optimizes conditions for germination and growth. The vented lid and height extensions allow for control of humidity during germination and when closed can preserve moisture and heat improving results. The clear dome will not reduce the effectiveness of grow lights nor degrade under UV light. The lid and height extensions can be used outdoors for direct sewn seeds during the early and late season protecting the seeds and young seedlings from cold or inclement weather. It is easy to add additional height extensions to permit plants to mature both indoor or outdoors in a sheltered environment. The height extensions can be easily assembled and disassembled using the provided hardware for compact storage when not in use. Non toxic the 93807 is a friend to organic gardeners.

  • The 93807 herb and seed propagator is designed for the serious gardener with an extra large heavy duty tray bed measuring 24” X 15”. The 93807 tray is made of a heavy gauge PP material that will allow you to carry heavy pots of maturing plants without the tray buckling or flexing out of shape.
  • The 93807 has a clear shatter proof lid with two over-sized vents which can be opened or closed as needed to control humidity and optimize seed germination and the growth of immature seedlings. The crystal clear lid will not deteriorate under the heat of grow lamps nor reduce the effectiveness of the lamp to seed germination.
  • The 93807 has two side vented height extensions which elevates the lid as the plants being to grow and adds additional capability in adjustment of airflow and humidity present under the dome. The two height extension provides 12.75” of depth between the base of the tray and the dome for maturing seedlings.
  • The large 93807 tray will allow for up to 60 units of 2” X 2” germinating trays  and as plants mature up to 6 units of 8” pots safely held in a water proof tray perfect for capturing excess moisture following watering. Additional height extension are available to increase the depth to allow plants additional room to grow under the dome.
  • The height extensions can be disassembled for compact storage when not in use and like all components will provide for seasons of use with impacting the quality and performance of the product.

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