Gray Turbo-Cat Air Turbine Tool with 35 Foot Control Hose & Premium Accessories for Central Vacuums

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Gray Turbo-Cat Air Turbine Tool with 35 Foot Control Hose & Premium Accessories for Central Vacuums

The 94038 is designed for new and replacement requirements for a superior air turbine floor nozzle for cleaning carpeted surfaces accompanied by the tool necessary for safe cleaning of hard floor surfaces and all above the floor cleaning needs. The 35 foot crush proof low voltage hose permits control of the central vacuum from the hose handle. The Italian made chrome steel telescopic wand is designed for the wand diameter to increase as it extends from floor to hose insuring maximum airflow. The premium cleaning accessories are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, soft upholstery, and into tight spaces and carry along with you on a convenient wand mounted tool clip. The 94038 is ideal for use with all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, NuEra, Husky, ProLux, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, Canavac, Eureka, Cyclovac, Nutone, Honeywell, MD, Wal Vac, Galaxie, and Imperium.

  • Cen-Tec’s 94038 includes the popular TurboCat air turbine tool in the gray color with blue accent. The 39415 gray TurboCat features an eleven and a half inch wide poly V driven full size agitator for superior cleaning of carpeted surfaces. The metal shroud lets the tool glide easily over carpeted surfaces and low profile gets under furnishings. The turbine features an easy clean out feature for the turbine should large debris gain access to the turbine assembly. Easy spin needle bearings help the tool transmit the power from the air stream created by your vacuum to the agitator.
  • The 94038 includes a premium chrome steel telescopic wand with Cen-Tec’s trademarked ButtonDown feature making it easy to disengage the wand from your hose for above the floor cleaning. The Chrome wand extends from its fully collapsed length of 24” to a fully extended length of 39” at one inch intervals. The wand is easy to install into the turbine and accommodates all of the included accessories for above the floor use.
  • The 94038 includes a premium 35 foot crush proof low voltage hose that permits control of your central vacuum for the 360 degree swiveling easy to grip hose handle. The wall end fits industry standard wall inlets that feature the common two pin contacts for the control of the low voltage circuit operating your central vacuum.
  • The 94038 features a 12” soft gray floor brush with a generous natural fill making it ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces including hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, vinyl, and parquet. The pivoting neck allows the tapered shape of the brush to move in a and around furnishing like chair legs and tuck into tight spaces like found behind the toilet in the half bath.
  • The 94038 includes a premium soft natural fill dusting tool, 13” fluted and beveled crevice to prevent sealing off on upholstery, and a soft 5” wide upholstery tool with brush strip to groom upholstery capturing pet dander and hair, as well as normal household dust. The 94038 includes a easy to use tool clip permitting the accessories to travel along eliminating the need to return to the closet to get the right tool for the job.

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