Pack of 2 Early Grow Vented Height Extenders for Use with 70738 & 93763 Seed & Herb Propagators

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Pack of 2 Early Grow Vented Height Extenders for Use with 70738 & 93763 Seed & Herb Propagators

Adding one or two of the Early Grow height extenders in the 70815 to your 70738 medium  seed propagator extends the usefulness as plants mature prior to planting or for those growing in home fresh herbs during winter months to add to the freshness of your cooking. The vented sides help you maintain the desired humidity and temperature for optimum growing of immature plants. Each of the extenders adds a further 4” in height under the dome of the propagator. The sides have a positive lip that engages the base and each subsequent height extender for a positive fit as they are added in sequence. The lid likewise fits in a similar fashion which permits you to lift it from the extenders to access plants from above great for picking herbs without disturbing the Early Grow system. The height extenders can be disassembled when not in use for compact storage.

  • The Early Grow 70815 is a package of two vented height extenders to allow plants to further mature in the medium 70738 propagator and the 93763 medium propagator already inclusive of one height extender. Each of the two extenders adds 4” to the height of the unit providing protection to the plant during early development.
  • Adding a single height extender from the package including two units allows the popular 70738 medium propagator to protect plants to a height of 10.5” under the clear dome. Adding the second extender permits plants to reach 14.5” under the dome.
  • When purchased for use with the 93763 the two additional height extenders permits plants to reach 18.5” in height and remain under the clear dome.
  • Each of the two 70815 height extenders have vents on two sides that can be closed or opened as desired to optimize growing conditions.
  • Adding the 70815 height extenders to the dome of the 70738 provides and excellent protective green house like cover to direct sewn plants in outside plant beds. Using your Early Grow cover and height extenders can protect plants on cold mornings and from extreme wind and weather.

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