Retail Packed All Things Crevice Detailing Package

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All things crevice detailing package including two flexible crevice tools,  premium crevice tool,  standard flat nozzle, 1.25 inch & 1.375 inch converters, vacuum detailing nozzles and a  wire radiator brush.

Retail package of 92542. With the "All Things Crevice" detailing package you can clean all of those hard to reach nooks and crannies. With the flexible crevice tools you can reach around furniture instead of having to move it. The plastic nozzles allow you to clean in tiny crevices where normal tools are too large to fit.


38903 - 1.25” x 36” Flexible Crevice Tool

50778 - 1.25” x 24” Flexible Crevice Tool

34817 - 1.25” x 13” Premium Crevice Tool

36522 - 1.25” Standard Flat Nozzle

34663 - 1.25” to 1.375” Converter

34421 - 1.375” to 1.25” Converter

39288 - Vacuum Detailing Nozzles

36533 - Wire Radiator Brush

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