Universal Extension Hose

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Orange extension hose with multiple cuffs to fit almost any tool or vacuum.

The 92014 is designed to answer one of the principal issues with canister or upright vacuums. How do I vacuum difficult to reach spaces like stairs or elevated surfaces without having to lug the vacuum. Carrying a vacuum onto stairs and balancing it why you try to clean the risers isn’t safe. The 92014 allows you to leave the vacuum at the base of the stairs and clean a normal set of stairs without having to move the vacuum or risk it falling down the stairs. Unlike stretch hoses which extend a spring of wire in the hose that pulls back the more it is extended the 92014 is a traditional hose that won’t add resistance when fully extended. You also avoid the risk of a stretch hose slipping from your hand collapsing down the stairs damaging walls, floors, or worse. It is a simple reliable solution to an everyday problem.

  • The 92014 is designed to add 20 feet of highly flexible hose length to the hose on your canister or on board tools upright. When cleaning stairs or cleaning above the floor one often has to lift the vacuum or even worse having to carry it up the stairs and balance it why you try to vacuum the stair risers. The hose has a 1 ¼” inner diameter and is 20 feet long. The hose will transfer the power of your vacuum without losing power due to its smooth inner diameter.
  • The 92014 is equipped with a unique compression adaptor that will grab on to the curved end on your canister or upright vacuum hose and add the necessary hose length to clean a complete flight of stairs with the vacuum resting safely on the ground. If you own a Hoover vacuum with the unique pin system simply take the compression fitting off and thread on the Hoover adaptor.
  • The 92014 hose comes with two different hose end to match with your accessories. Typically North American brands used 1.25” accessories while many European brands were designed for use with 1.375” accessories. The 92014 comes with alternative swivel wand fittings that allow you to match to either or both size of accessories.
  • The flexibility to adaptor to your vacuum by simply adjusting the ends allows the extension hose to work with most popular brands of canisters and upright vacuums including Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Miele, Royal, Oreck, Sharp, Riccar, Simplicity, Kirby, and Kenmore.

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