Universal Fit Central Vacuum Standard Crushproof 30 Foot Hose, Silver

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Universal Fit Central Vacuum Standard Crushproof 30 Foot Hose, Silver

The Cen-Tec Systems 91453 is a 1.375” inner diameter commercial grade standard hose 30 feet in length typical of many central vacuum requirements. The unique process used to produce the hose insures a smooth interior and very uniform flexibility ideal for central vacuums where the longer length make weight and flexibility preferred. The central vacuum industry has produced a wide range of inlet valves of in a variety of types and styles over the last 60 years. The multi step wall end of the 91453 is designed to accommodate all but a very few of these designs. This design permits the 91453 to be compatible with major brands of central vacuum including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Vacumaid, Nutone, Vacuflo, Hayden, M&S Air Vac, Canavac, Cyclovac, MD and Imperium. To confirm compatibility with your system hold a ruler to your inlet valve. If the opening measures anywhere from 1.460” to 1.510” the 91453 should be compatible. If your inlet valve has either one or two contact points on the inner diameter of the valve the system will activate as you insert the hose end.

  • The 91453 features a 1.375” X 30 foot highly flexible commercial grade crush proof vacuum hose with smooth interior for superior airflow. Unlike many standard central vacuum hoses that have a 1.25” inner diameter the larger diameter of the 91453 delivers up to 15% higher airflow to insure superior cleaning.
  • The 91453 features an Italian made 16” metal curved end with a unique 360 degree swivel feature that helps preserve hose life and prevents the hose from putting stress on wrists and forearms during vacuuming.
  • The curved end has a multiple position air relief for the airflow control necessary when cleaning surfaces that want to seal off the vacuum like upholstery and draperies.
  • The 7” chrome steel wall valve end is designed to be universal to industry standard wall valves featuring a tapered end for easy insertion and steps over its length to insure it is compatible with valves both current and past.

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