Varioflex Crushproof Hose VC Silver 1.5" (38mm) x 50' (15m)

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Varioflex Crushproof Hose VC Silver 1.5" (38mm) x 50' (15m)

The 60044 crush proof commercial vacuum hose is ideal for a number of applications including dry and wet-dry commercial vacuums, extraction equipment, car wash vacuums, central vacuums, and as a general use all vacuum hose where flexibility and a smooth interior is demanded. Sold standard in 50 foot lengths the 60044 commercial vacuum hose can be cut to length as necessary or provided in cut lengths direct from Cen-Tec Systems. The 60044 hose accepts standard 1.5" threaded end cuffs and fittings making it immediately compatible with most major wet dry vacuums, central vacuums and car wash applications.

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