Wet/Dry Vacuum Tool Kit with 25-Foot Hose

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Wet/Dry Vacuum Tool Kit with 25-Foot Hose

The 90859 was developed in response to repeated requests for a better quality longer length hose for home shop vacuums. Customers sought a hose length that would permit them to clean cars, boats, and recreational vehicles without having the vacuum bumping into the vehicle or having to lift the vacuum to get close to the work. The 90859 is wet-dry compatible so picking up moisture off the car mats or out of the boat isn’t an issue. The larger diameter and smooth interior of the hose helps support superior airflow so the debris gets back to the vacuum faster without clogging. Similar to the Mr Nozzle M-100-DB with the often requested longer hose.

  • The 90859 comes with a full 1.50” X 25 foot commercial grade vacuum hose. The highly flexible hose has a smooth interior to maximize the performance of your vacuum. The longer 25 foot length lets you clean cars, boats, and recreational vehicles without having the vacuum right on your heels. Both hose ends have a 360 degree swivel connector to prevent stress to the hose and you having to fight the hose into tight spaces.
  • The 90859 comes with a commercial grade non-clog upholstery tool ideal for vacuuming large debris and keeping the tool angle ideal for effective cleaning.
  • A 15” paddle style commercial crevice tool is ideal for getting into tight spaces like along the console in the front seat or into corners in the trunk or well in your boat.
  • The 90859 is compatible with all wet and dry application  home shop vacuums including Shop Vac, Rigid, Craftsman, Work Shop, and Vac Master making it ideal as an upgrade to your present accessories.

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