14” Scalloped Felt Hardwood & Polished Hard Floor Commercial Vacuum Nozzle

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14” Scalloped Felt Hardwood & Polished Hard Floor Commercial Vacuum Nozzle

The 60137 14” scalloped felt hardwood and polished hard floor commercial nozzle is designed for vacuuming without risk of damage to delicate floor surfaces. The scalloped felt blade insures airflow and collection of even fine particulate without the risk of brimming debris like some floor brushes. The felt blades are static neutral making them ideal for vacuuming flowing floor surface refinishing. Compatible with all major brands of commercial compression lock s-wands the 60137 is ideal for use with major brands of commercial backpack vacuums using 1.50” accessories including Pro-Team, Mosquito, Tennant, Powerflight, Hawk, Sanitaire, Rubbermaid, NSS, Mercury, Sandia, and Nilfisk. The 60137 is compatible with major brands of commercial canister vacuums including Powerflight, Hawk, Nilfisk, Karcher, NSS, Mercury, Sanitaire, Tennant, Nacecare, and Pacific Floor. The 60137 is also excellent for brands of vacuums typical in the hard floor refinishing business like Pulse Vac, IPC, and Elsea.

  • Cen-Tec 60137 is a 14” wide scalloped felt commercial vacuum hard surface tool ideal for use on delicate floor surfaces like hardwood and highly polished surfaces. The firm but forgiving felt blades make the 60137 ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces providing an alternative to the traditional floor brush.
  • The felt blades of the 60137 are static neutral making them ideal for use by hardwood floor refinishers after sanding or between coats of finish.
  • The 60137 has deep scallops across the front and back surface to insure airflow is maintained during use.  The felt blade is supported by a formed aluminum bracing to prevent the blade from flaring even after years of use.
  • The robust body of the 60137 is molded in ABS to handle true commercial applications. The neck is reinforced where it meets the body of the tool to further insure against breakage.
  • The 60137 is designed for use with all industry standard compression s-wands Using the compression lock system of the wand the 60137 can be set to allow the wand to pivot to reach under low furnishing.

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