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95501 | Elsea X15 Dry Commercial Canister Vacuum with 10 Foot Hose & Premium Accessories

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  • Cen-Tec Systems 95501 Elsea X15  is designed as an energy efficient all purpose dry commercial canister providing 75” of water-lift and 64 cfm making it ideal for both commercial and residential use. The durable PP injection molded body and easy grip and lift handle will provide years of useful lift in the most challenging of environments. The 16” compact low profile design and weight of 16 pounds makes it an ideal solution for residential contract cleaners and the home owner who seeks commercial performance in a predominately hard floor home environment.
  • The 95501 X-15 features three levels of staged filtration even capturing the carbon dust from the motor through a HEPA level exhaust filter. Economical paper filter bags or for more demanding filtration HEPA level melt blown PP filters are available. Easily accessible through the latched lift off lid the filters can be changed when necessary in a few seconds.
  • The 95501 X-15 features over molded wheels front and back for silent non-marring  movement over hard floor surfaces without the risk of damage to the floor surface. The 360 degree front steering wheels allow the canister to move easily with the operator and orient the cleaner to best advantage without tugging and pulling. The large rear wheels assist the cleaner when transitioning from one floor type to another reducing fatigue. The 95501 X-15 is designed to stand comfortably on stair risers eliminating the need to carry the cleaner as one cleans up the typical stair case providing for safer use and less risk of losing control of the cleaner. 
  • The 95501 X-15 features a 35 foot power cord and foot hose allowing the user to move freely without repeated the need to move outlets. The 95501 features a double insulated motor allowing the use of a two pin power cord ideal for cleaning in older homes which might lack the three pin wall outlet. A large easy access foot switch permits activation of the unit without the need to bend down. The unit operates at 54 dBa at three meters allowing cleaning without disruptive noise when cleaning during normal business hours.
  • The 95501 X-15 features an extra-long ten foot vacuum hose reducing the unit dog tailing on to your feet and permits the unit to remain stationary in most rooms or offices with the vacuum orienting to the user as they clean the perimeter of the room. A premium wheeled combination tool allows effective cleaning on hard floor, area rugs, and carpeted surfaces. An articulated dusting tool allows the brush to be oriented at 90 degrees for horizontal surfaces or to be set at 180 degrees for cleaning surfaces like mini-blinds or return air vents. A brushed upholstery tool is ideal for grooming upholstery and raising matted surfaces on high traffic stair risers. A 9” crevice with notched end assures airflow is maintained when reaching into tight spaces. A chromed steel telescopic wand features a sure lock nylon collar to securely hold the curved end reducing the risk of unintended separation.

Cen-Tec Systems 95501 Elsea X15 canister is the ideal product for commercial and residential contract cleaners as well as the discriminating homeowner who seeks commercial performance for their home use. Staged filtration, including a HEPA filter on the exhaust air, ensures that dust and debris is captured by the vacuum and not recirculated into the environment, reducing the need to dust following vacuuming. The easy to change filters and optional paper bags ensure a lower cost of ownership than many comparable vacuum solutions. Special consideration was given to the 95501 accessories to address many of the issues one encounters in commercial environments. A true premium combination nozzle and extra long vacuum hose improve performance and help one move around a room without restriction. Molded in durable PP, the 95501 X15 will last through years of reliable service. The Motor is designed to provide over 1,500 hours of operation allowing for a 1 year warranty in commercial use and 3 years in residential use.

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