Commercial Hose Reel, 50 Foot Vacuum Hose, & Detailing Accessories for use with Shop Vacuums & Commercial Auto Detailer Vacuums

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Commercial Hose Reel, 50 Foot Vacuum Hose, & Detailing Accessories for use with Shop Vacuums & Commercial Auto Detailer Vacuums

The 94082 made in America industrial grade hose reel and cleaning accessories are designed for both residential and commercial use with commercial and home shop vacuums that deliver 120 CFM of airflow to insure satisfactory use of the 50 feet of commercial grade vacuum hose. The hand accessories can be used for general work shop clean-up in commercial environments. The accessory tools are ideal for car, boat, and RV cleanup, detailing in the home garage, auto body shops, and in operations doing professional vehicle detailing. The 50 foot of hose can be pulled from the reel with minimal effort and easily returned to the reel using the hand crank recovery system. The 50 foot commercial grade hose connects in the center drum of the reel and through the reel hub to a second hose for connecting the reel to the vacuum. The 94082 includes a fitting for connecting to all popular and the 1.50” swivel cuff connection will connect to all major brands of commercial vacuums, vacuum systems, and extractors using 1.50" hose. The 94082 includes a 1.50” pistol grip hose handle, aluminum reinforced wands, and a 16” commercial floor nozzle for large surface clean up. The floor nozzle is ideal for moving across different floor surfaces and is designed for years of use in a commercial environment. Consider the 94082 compatible with major brands of home shop vacuums, commercial vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, extractors, and commercial central vacuum systems.

  • The 94082 includes and heavy gauge steel hose reel, 50 feet of 1.50” commercial grade vacuum hose, and a complete set of cleaning accessories for car detailing and general shop clean up. The hose reel allows for compact storage of the vacuum hose and includes a connecting hose suitable for use with home shop vacuum vacuums and professional industrial vacuum systems. The reel is designed for years of reliable service in high demand locations.
  • The 94082 commercial reel can be mounted to both vertical and horizontal surfaces using the four slotted holes in the u shaped mounting plate.
  • The 94082 reel holds a 1.50” high flexible crush proof commercial grade vacuum hose with a smooth interior to maximize airflow finished with 360 degree swivel cuffs to permit tools to rotate at the working end of the hose for more comfortable use. A second six foot section of hose connects from the reel to a shop vacuum or commercial vacuum system without restricting free recovery of the hose between uses.
  • The 94082 includes a complete set of accessories for car and shop detailing. It includes a 15” paddle crevice, claw tool for upholstery, trunk and floor clean-up, two dusting tool heads for detailing  the car dash and brushed cleaning of upholstered surfaces. The accessory solutions mount to a soft grip handle for comfort and control and are ideal for work bench clean-up. A soft molded cone nozzle is included for use in detailing tight spaces without the risk of damage to a vehicles finish.
  • The 94082 includes two commercial aluminum reinforced plastic wands,  pistol grip handle, and 16” commercial floor nozzle for general shop clean-up. The wand and tools are designed for commercial use and cleaning of large surface areas. A zippered storage bag is included to collect accessories when not in use complimenting the organized storage of the commercial hose reel.

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