Ez-Glide Slide Shoe Set

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Ez-Glide Slide Shoe Set

Cen-Tec 69878 is designed to repair or replace damaged or worn carpet shoes and the nylon brush on popular wide based commercial carpet and multi-surface floor nozzles. By employing the replacement retro-fit kit you can extend the life of the tool again and again by refitting the tool body with  the elements of the nozzle subject to routine wear. The kit includes all the necessary fasteners to replace those on the tool each time insuring a reliable and secure fit to the tool base.  The retro kit is designed to fit wide base carpet and multi-surface tools including Cen-Tec’s 68789, 68855, 40784; Nationwide / Perfect Products NW8501. The 69878 is compatible with and a suitable replacement for the pro-Team 101455 retro kit for the E-Z-Glide multi-surface nozzle.

  • Cen-Tec  69878 includes two 14.5” ABS reinforced scalloped carpet shoe halves with mounting holes.
  • Cen-Tec  69878 includes a 10.75” nylon replacement brush.
  • Cen-Tec 69878 includes the four necessary replacement screws to secure the replacement shoes and brush on the tool body.
  • Cen-Tec 69878 is designed to repair and replace worn carpet shoes or brushes on Cen-Tec 68789, 68855, and 40784. Nationwide / Perfect Products NW8501. Is compatible and a suitable replacement the Pro-Team 101455 retro kit for the E-Z Glide floor tool.

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