Hose Reel with 1.25" x 50 Foot Hose & 6 Foot Connecting Hose

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Hose reel with 1.25 inch by 50 foot hose and 6 foot connecting hose.

Wet-dry and dry commercial vacuums are commonly used by building contractors, contract cleaners, auto detailers, auto body shops, factories, and consumers across America. The 92135 reel system permits the vacuum to remain stationary by providing a 50 foot hose that takes the working end of the vacuum hose to the work rather than pulling the vacuum along. The heavy duty commercial reel makes it easy to access only the hose needed for a particular job and nicely collects the hose when not in use.  Works equally well wet or dry. The 92135 includes a heavy duty steel construction commercial hose reel, equipped with a full 1.25” X 50 foot crush proof commercial hose in safety orange for high visibility, and a six foot 1.25” hose for connecting the system to common size wet-dry vacuums. Made in the USA.

Ideal for:

Auto Detailers - Keeps the vacuum away from the automobile, preventing bumps and rubs further protecting the user from the noise of a vacuum in close proximity.

Auto Body Shops - Permits the hose to be accessed without the need of moving the vacuum to the work and stores the hose when not in use.

Contractors - Bring the hose to the work, not the vacuum. Helps protect the work site from unintended damage and makes for faster job site clean-up.

Factories - Installing the system near areas requiring work station cleaning or making it portable on a cart lets you access tight spaces or work in large areas.

High Reach - Can be equipped with Cen-Tec’s high reach cleaning solutions for cleaning areas up to 25 feet from the floor without the use of ladders.

Consumers - Ideal for auto enthusiasts and home shops, allowing the vacuum to remain stationary and keeping  the garage or shop neat and tidy.


Vacuum not included.

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