Premium Home Shop Vacuum Commercial Grade hose, Premium Accessories & Flexible Crevice

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  • The kit includes a commercial grade vacuum hose with extra smooth interior for better non clog airflow and high flexibility for kink free use. The hose includes a 360 degree swivel end ideal for use with the premium accessories and a tank end designed to be compatible with all major brands of home shop vacuums.
  • The premium accessories include a soft grip handle and slide on accessories ideal for cars, recreation vehicles boats, and workshops. The handle has a shallow angle that makes it comfortable to use when standing or when you need to get lower to clean under seats or furnishing. The grip slides onto the swivel adaptor which reduces stress on you and eliminates kinking of the hose.
  • The slide on accessories include a 11” X 3” paddle crevice with a wide mouth opening to better utilize the air flow of the vacuum and collect both small and large debris without clogging. An upholstery tool angled for comfortable use which can be tipped to engage a toothed edge for grooming matted carpet. A paint brush soft brush ideal for car louvers, keyboards or delicate surfaces.
  • The second 24” flexible crevice is ideal for getting into tight spaces under appliances, down into dryer vents, and deep under seats in a vehicle, and other spaces where a bit more reach is needed.

This kit is designed for use with all major brands of home shop vacuums. The long highly flexible hose allows for cleaning vehicles without having to pull the vacuum in tight protecting the vehicle from damage. The hose is a commercial grade hose that offers far superior airflow and clog resistance as compared to the typical home shop vacuum hose made with a process that results in stiffer corrugated interior. The accessories are designed to work like those used by professional car detailers taking advantage of the higher airflow typical in home or shop vacuums. The wide paddle crevice is ideal for sliding down between a car seat and the center consul typical in today’s vehicles. The large opening prevents clogs and allows for the tool to pick up larger debris. The upholstery is designed to mirror popular commercial claw tools found in full service carwashes. The dusting tool is unique in the market with paintbrush soft bristles ideal for cleaning uneven surfaces. All of these tools are interchange to a soft grip handle ergonomically designed to insure comfortable use. A second 24” crevice allows you to reach deep into tight spots like a dryer vent or under an low profile appliance. The kit is compatible with major home shop vacuums brands including Shop Vac, Ridgid, Works, Craftsman, Vacmaster, Koblenz, and most minor brands.

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