Titanus Wet-Dry Hepa Vacuum with Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit, Stainless Steel

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Titanus Wet-Dry Hepa Vacuum with Gutter Cleaning Attachment Kit, Stainless Steel

The 94643 features a commercial three by-pass motor wet-dry vacuum with large 20 gallon heavy gauge stainless bin mounted on a commercial cart system for easy transport. The 2” cast metal tangential entry promotes cyclonic separation of heavy or wet debris by entering the bin under a galvanized steel cone which further promotes cyclonic separation insures the HEPA filter is protected from heavy debris extending the cartridge filters service life. The three bypass motors can be operated independently permitting use of only the necessary amount of airflow necessary to perform the task. A one meter heavy duty power cord allows the use of a separate extension cord to make electrical connections. This system has proven effective in reducing down time due to damaged power cords. The 94643 includes a 2” durable telescopic aluminum gutter cleaning pole system that can reach to 35 feet for cleaning both first and second story gutters while safely standing on the ground. The pole system is designed for years of reliable use and weighs in a less than twenty pounds inclusive of the hose connection. A 25 foot 2” commercial grade hose is provided for use with the gutter poles permitting the capture and transfer of larger debris found in gutter cleaning applications.

  • The unit features a 2” diameter tangential entry point under a galvanized steel cone to promote cyclonic separation of debris backed up with a H178 HEPA cartridge filter and sponge filter for filtering wet-debris. A heavy steel tilt cart with heavy duty casters for use on uneven surfaces
  • Includes a 35 foot 2” diameter telescopic aluminum gutter cleaning pole system comprised of three 11. 5 foot telescopic section with positive pole to pole connections secured with premium locking collars
  • A steel hook is included for vacuuming out gutters at the top of the pole solution. The lightweight, durable aluminum pole system is designed for years of reliable commercial use in gutter cleaning applications
  • Includes a 2” by 25 foot hose and tank solution for use with the gutter pole system to permit capture and movement to the vacuum of the large debris profile typically found in gutter cleaning applications
  • 120V industrial grade high volume commercial wet-dry vacuum featuring three tangential discharge two stage motors in parallel
  • The motors can be individually powered permitting the use of one, two, or three motors as required by the application. The vacuum produces 95 inches of water lift and up to 280 CFM of airflow when all three motors are operating
  • The Tetanus Has a heavy-duty metal cyclonic cone which helps control heavy debris and water at intake. The tangential intake enters the bin outside the metal cone, helping to protect the pleated cartridge filter intended for dry application use from heavy debris. Removing the cartridge filter and replacing it with a sponge filter quickly converts the Tetanus to wet-dry use

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