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Trantor Staged Filtration Complete Kit

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The staged filtration Trantor by Elsea has a center fill entry point at 1.5” which permits the use of additional filters bring three stage filtration; a melt blown PP filter bag, a polyester hat filter, and finally a washable HEPA filter. This model is suited for use in applications where fine particulate is being captured in higher volumes like encountered in hard floor refinishing and in applications where the captured particulate might be judged hazardous, like lead paint dust, where controlled disposal is important.

As with the tangential version, this version is a two motor vacuum, incorporates a filter shaker for the HEPA filter, and has a 120V outlet on the face of the vacuum which permits the vacuum to be remotely activated through the switch on the attached power tool.

Kit includes:

  • Trantor Vacuum
  • Hat Filter
  • 5 Pack Melt Blown Filter
  • 20 Ft. Hose & Hose Ends
  • 2-Piece S-Wand
  • 16 in. Floor Brush
  • Dust Brush
  • Paddle Crevice Tool