18” Sidewinder Accessory Package for use with All Commercial Backpack Vacuums with 1.50” Hose

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18” Sidewinder Accessory Package for use with All Commercial Backpack Vacuums with 1.50” Hose

The 93840 is designed for use with all standard commercial backpack and commercial vacuums equipped with 1.50” hose or having a 1.50” hose to wand connection. The 93840 features a twist lock telescopic wand which allows the length to be set anywhere from 35” fully compressed to 59” when fully extended. Setting the length to the user insures maximum productivity is realized when using the double pivot neck design of the Sidewinder nozzles. The Sidewinder nozzles encourage and upright user friendly posture and moving the nozzle through and arc using body rotation rather than the old fashion push pull motion of traditional tools. This motion protects the user from injury, reduces the need for stooping or bending, and counters the risk of carpel tunnel injury by reducing strain on the wrist and forearm. The 18” carpet tool and 18” hard floor brush with natural fill have been proven to increase cleaning speed and effectiveness. A third party test has shown the Sidewinder design to improve productivity by 25% in confined spaces and 50% in open spaces. The vertical presentation dramatically increase detail effectiveness over traditional tools with a horizontal presentation. The 93840 is compatible with all major brands of commercial backpack vacuums with 1.50” hose including Pro-Team, Sandia, Mosquito, Tennant, Power Flight, Karcher, Mercury, NSS, Hawk, Rubbermaid, Bissel, and Perfect. It compares favorably with the kit sold under part reference 107532.

  • The 93840 is designed for compatibility with all major brands of backpack and commercial vacuums equipped with 1.50” hose. The telescopic aluminum wand will insert as a male into standard 1.50” hose ends and in turn into either the 18” Sidewinder carpet tool or the 18” Sidewinder floor brush.
  • The 93840 aluminum twist lock telescopic wand compresses to 35 inches and can be lengthened to any desire length up to the fully extended length of 59 inches. This feature allows the wand to be sized for maximum comfort and performance of the system depending on the height of the user.
  • The 93840 includes an 18” Sidewinder carpet tool which is shown to increase by a minimum of 25% productivity in vacuuming. The double pivot neck  and horizontal presentation provides for superior detailing in and around office furnishings, retail spaces, and domestic cleaning environments.
  • The 93840 includes an 18” Sidewinder natural fill brush which delivers hard floor surface cleaning with the same increase in productivity, detailing, and as a neutral fill brush will not damage sensitive hard floor surfaces. The 93840 floor brush is ideal for hard wood, stone, tile, laminate, and vinyl flooring.
  • The 93840 encourages and upright posture and a cleaning motion based on rotation rather than the push pull of traditional vacuum tool designs. The result is a less effort, less risk of carpel tunnel injury, and the elimination of bending and stooping often necessary with traditional designs.

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