30 Foot Standard Garage Kit with Orange Hose

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30 Foot Standard Garage Kit with Orange Hose

Other than cleaning the home the next most popular use of a central vacuum is cleaning up vehicles or around a home shop. The 99659 is designed to serve the need to accessories of these spaces when the customer wishes to keep their in the house tools outside this environment. The hose end fits industry standard wall inlets and utility valves. Typically these inlets measure approximately 1 ½” at the opening. Most have low voltage contact points which use the metal ring on the hose cuff to close a circuit and turn your vacuum hose when the hose end is inserted. Some utility valves mounted on the machine do not include low voltage contacts by rely on the customer flipping a switch on the vacuum since they are present to plug in the hose. The 99659 is designed to be compatible with all major brands of central vacuum including Beam, Eureka, Electrolux, Nutone, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, MD, Cyclovac, M&S, Canavac, Drain Vac, and Imperium.

  • The 99658 is designed to utilize the central vacuum for cleaning cars, recreational vehicle, work bench, in the users garage, home shop, or utility room. The package features a 30 foot commercial grade crush proof vacuum hose with the trademarked arc relax strain relief system that helps preserve hose life and prevent kinking. The wall end fits standard central vacuum inlets and or utility valves mounted on some models of central vacuum. When these valves are equipped with low voltage contacts the system will come on as the hose end is inserted into the valve. The working end of the hose has a six inch swivel plastic wand which is designed to fit standard 1.25” accessories.
  • The short swivel wand makes it easy to maneuver in the tight spots inside a car or RV. It is ideal for cleaning around a cluttered bench top. The press fit natural fill dusting tool, upholstery with a stiff natural fill brush is ideal for brushing the crushed carpet or stuck on mud on the vehicle floor. The 8” crevice is notched to insure continuous airflow and when fitted to the wand end provides 13” of reach.
  • An eight inch  microfiber dust mitt is ideal for cleaning off the dash or polishing glass surfaces. Designed to capture and hold dust it can be machined washed after use so it is ready the next time out. A micro-fiber glass and chrome polishing towel is also included which can be washed over 50 times without losing its properties.
  • A mesh caddy bag holds everything up to and including the hose when put in storage. A plastic hanger bracket is included for easy access when the set is called upon.

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