The CT10 Response™

The CT10 Response™

Posted by Ray Storti on 18th Sep 2014

The past ten years has seen a significant change in flooring preferences in homes of distinction. A move to hard floor surfaces like tile, stone, hard wood and laminate are now as common as traditional wall to wall carpet, vinyl, and linoleum in many homes. The mix of hard floor surfaces has also increased the use of area rugs to anchor furnishing, permit decorating flexibility, and create specific use spaces.

The change in flooring materials demands more flexibility from the vacuums and accessories utilized to maintain a clean healthy home. Traditional power nozzle and floor brushes remain effective for cleaning places in the home with traditional wall to wall carpets and vinyl but can provide less than satisfactory results when challenged with cleaning mixed spaces of premium area rugs, hardwood, polished concrete and stone floors.

Permitting you the flexibility to move from surface to surface and realize the unique needs of each flooring type was foremost in our mind when developing the new CT10 Response™ powered floor nozzle. The CT10 Response™ is designed to provide effective cleaning on all of todays most popular surfaces. Even better to move from one surface to another without the need to change attachments or make mechanical adjustments to effectively clean and protect the appearance of each of the surfaces encountered.

The CT10's unique aluminum twist agitator design incorporates three unique cleaning materials. One designed to deep clean carpets and provide uniform surface grooming without being so aggressive as to risk excessive wear to the carpet fibers. A soft material conforms to uneven surfaces found on stone and tile floors making it effective at releasing and pulling away stuck on dirt. A third which is designed to polish the surfaces as you vacuum away every day dirt from your hard wood, parquet, vinyl, or polished stone floors. Soft molded wheels and strategically located pads and brushes insure the CT10 Response™ will not mark nor mar your hard floor surfaces as it moves from surface to surface.

One of the biggest challenges encountered in effective cleaning is how to get up to baseboards, furnishings and into the corners on stair risers without having to change tools or get down on your knees to give the special attention necessary to get at dirt trapped in ninety degree corners. The CT10 Response™ has solved this historical problem with a special shutter system which moves up and out of the way as it moves into these tight corners exposing the face of the agitator for effectively cleaning over a full ninety degree surface. Soft bumpers and a soft surface brush travel with the shutter to protect wood surfaces or fine furnishing from the shutter mechanism as it opens to provide effective brushed cleaning. By shortening the integrated telescopic wand you can stand comfortably on your stairs and clean into the tight corner created by the risers without the need to change tools or get down on a knee as often required with traditional vacuum tools.

The CT10 Response™ incorporates a double swivel neck which permits the nozzle to move into tight places and maneuver in and around furnishings. The ultra-low profile and neck which rotates flat to the nozzle permits the CT10 travel into spaces other cleaning tools can't reach. A height in profile of less than two inches will let you pass the tool in and under places where in the past you had to stop and move furniture to reach.

At only 1.35 pounds, even though powered, you will find the CT10 Response™ to be the quietest powered nozzle you have ever experienced even when running over a hard floor surface. With the light weight CT10 you will experience no vibration and sense almost self propelled cleaning, making it not only the most effective of cleaning tools but also the easiest you have ever used.

The CT10 Response™ provides a fast effective cleaning solution for today's home characterized by multiple floor surfaces. Equally effective on all floor surfaces, carpet, wood, stone, tile, vinyl, or laminate the CT10 is versatile and requires no tool changes or mechanical modification to be effective on all surfaces. The CT10 will be found a valuable upgrade to your present central vacuum system or as an effective whole home cleaning solution. Available as a tool to compliment a system you presently own, as an economical solution for the living area of your home, or as part of a complete cleaning solution the CT10 Response™ will increase the versatility and satisfaction of your home central vacuum system.

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