Central Vacuum Accessory Package Including CT20QD Electric Power Nozzle, Wand, & 35 Foot Universal Total Control Hose

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Central Vacuum Accessory Package Including CT20QD Electric Power Nozzle, Wand, & 35 Foot Universal Total Control Hose

The 92949 central vacuum accessory set is designed to provide superior cleaning for today’s home with a mix of both carpeted and hard floor surfaces. The Ct20QD power nozzle is designed to provide the three features most sought  in cleaning. Excellent deep down dirt recovery which hales extend the life of your carpet, Excellent surface grooming maintaining carpet appearance, and superior brushed edge cleaning. The lift time poly-v drive belt will provide years of reliable service and reduces noise and vibration. The 35 foot total control hose is the longest permitted by UL/CSA standard so you are sure to reach all areas of your home. Customers have communicated a preference for a hose sock to protect the investment in their home so the 92949 has a premium anti-microbial hose sock preinstalled. The universal hose end with 8 foot power cord makes the 92949 compatible with all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Nutone, vacumaid, Cyclovac, vacuflo, Canavac, Husky, Star Power, MD, and Imperium.

  • The 92949 is an total control  central vacuum replacement package of the three most replaced components including a premium power nozzle, fully integrated electric telescopic wand, and 35 foot total control electric hose allowing you to control both the vacuum and the power nozzle from the hose handle.
  • The 14” wide power nozzle has a chevron agitator design shown to provide superior cleaning performance. The Quiet Drive poly-v drive system reduces vibration and noise while providing consistent power from the motor to the carpet agitator. The Quiet Drive belt is set away from the edge of the nozzle to allow for brushed edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. A soft bumper protects furnishing. A quick release wand system allows you to draw the wand for detail cleaning and quickly return to operation of the power nozzle.The nozzle is connected to the hose through a fully integrated telescopic electric wand.
  • The Italian made integrated electric wand is adjustable in length at one inch intervals with a single hand permitting you to find the most comfortable length for vacuuming your home. The wand features an easy release lever for separation of the hose from the wand for storage and or cleaning above the floor.
  • A 35 foot crush proof total control hose lets you turn your central vacuum on and off from the hose handle independent of the power nozzle ideal for cleaning hard floor surfaces. The three position switch also allows you to also control power to electric nozzle and the vacuum  when cleaning carpeted surfaces. A soft anti-microbial treated cotton-lycra blend hose sock is installed on the hose to protect for surfaces, furnishings, and walls from the corrugation of the hose.  The hose has a universal 8 foot cord to deliver the power for your electric nozzle.

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