Central Vacuum Hard Floor Vacuuming Package

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Central Vacuum Hard Floor Vacuuming Package

The 90760 central vacuum hard floor detailing and vacuuming package is ideal for cleaning homes with large hard floor surface areas faster than conventional systems. The long hose saves time by letting you cover large areas without having to relocate the hose to a new inlet. The unique pivoting neck of the nozzle and vertical presentation can cut in half the time necessary to clean. There is no system better for detailing around furnishings and the unique pivot neck even lets you clean horizontal surfaces like textured walls, return air vents and around window casements. The system is compatible with all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, Canavac, Cyclovac, Star Power, MD, Nutone, M&S Air Vac, and Hayden.

  • The 90760 includes a commercial grade 1 ¼” X 50 foot highly flexible commercial grade vacuum hose suitable for cleaning large surface areas without the need to relocate the hose from one inlet to another.  A 360 degree swivel connector makes the connection to the cleaning wands simple and reduces stress on the hose and you the user. The wall end fits all industry standard central vacuum inlet valves equipped with a low voltage activation.
  • The 18” natural fill floor brush is unique from the typical floor nozzle. Rather than a horizontal push pull motion the floor brush is designed to move in an arc around the user which speeds cleaning. Studies indicate this method of cleaning will reduce cleaning time by half. The natural fill brush is ideal for cleaning hardwood, tile, stone, vinyl, laminate, and other delicate surfaces.
  • The vertical presentation of the nozzle and the unique two direction pivoting neck make it easy to access tight spaces for better detailing. The long low profile lets the nozzle get under cabinets, furnishing, and curios without the need to move them saving additional time and effort while cleaning.
  • Since the floor nozzle is designed to move around the user three extension wands provide additional length permitting the user to stand comfortably upright while cleaning rather than bending at the waist. The three chrome steel wands have a nylon collar to prevent unintended separation while assuring the wands can be separated with a simple twist.

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