Premium Six Piece Domestic & Commercial Vacuum Tool Set in Black

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Premium Six Piece Domestic & Commercial Vacuum Tool Set in Black

The 93796 is designed for use with electric and conventional hoses with a button lock tube projecting from the handle. A button lock feature insures the tools remain connected unless it is intended that they be separated. The 12” natural fill floor brush is a customer favorite. The pivoting neck makes it easy to move in an around furnishing. The brush is gentle on even the most delicate surfaces and is proven to work effectively on all hard floor surfaces. A complete four piece tool set addresses all your above the floor cleaning needs. A dusting tool for hard surface cleaning, upholstery tool for cloth surfaces, a slide on brush ideal for grooming and releasing stuck on dirt and a crevice tool for all the tight spaces and corners encountered around the home. The 93796 is compatible with major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, Honeywell, Vacumaid, Nutone, Canavac, Imperium, and Cyclovac. It is not recommended for use with Vacuflo which has a unique shallow button and requires a different wand configuration.

  • The 93796 is designed to work with both conventional and electric hoses that have a button lock stub tube to engage the chrome telescopic wand included in the set. The wand includes Cen-Tec’s exclusive button down feature that makes it easier to disengage the hose from the wand for above the floor cleaning and storage.
  • The 93796 includes a 12” pivoting neck natural fill floor brush in black. The brush is designed for use on all hard floor surfaces including hardwood, laminate, tile, stone, concrete, vinyl, and linoleum. The soft bristles will not damage floors and effectively collect the dust and surface debris into the air stream through the window cut on the face of the nozzle where the vacuum pulls it away. Great for pet hair.
  • Includes a 3” natural fill dusting brush with Cen-Tec’s exclusive square corner feature ideal for cleaning into square corners on table tops or shelves.
  • Includes a 4” upholstery tool vented to insure airflow on soft surfaces. A slide on natural fill brush has a stiffer fill to help groom upholstery and lift off pet hair or fibers from the surface.
  • Includes an 8” fluted crevice, ideal of corners, in the car, or on the stairs.
  • The black color will not mark wall boards or fine furnishings.

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