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98471 Steel Hose Reel, 1.25 Inch X 33 Foot Hose, Quick Click Dust Collection Adapters and Commercial Cleaning Tools

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The 98471 is the complete solution for the garage or home work shop for cleaning vehicles, cleaning up work stations, and dust collection from power tools in a compact easy to access package. The 98471 compliments your home shop vacuum, commercial vacuum, or garage vacuum and expands their benefits. The compact design and 33 foot hose makes it ideal for mobile detailing operations. The five foot reel to vacuum connecting hose comes with all the necessary adapters to make a quick connection.

The heavy duty steel reel mounts to the wall requiring a 24" wide by 15" high rectangular space to provide for appropriate clearances to fully utilize the 1.25" X 33 foot commercial grade vacuum hose. When mounted the reel stands out from the wall 15".

To clean floor surfaces a 360 degree swivel chrome steel curved end engages with a ratchet telescopic wand and a 14" wide natural floor brush for cleaning large surface areas quickly and safely.

Accessories include a four piece dust crevice, upholstery set ideal for work station clean-up, a soft grip high airflow claw tool for doing the floors or trunk of your vehicle, an extended 20" paddle crevice for reaching down along the console, under sets, or the crevices between seat and door. A second 5" long swivel adapters lets you shorten the connection between the hose and accessory to permit easier access in confined spaces.

The metal curved end can easily be replaced with the Quick Click collar to utilize the four piece Quick Click adapters for connecting to your power tools for source capture of debris. The TPE adapters measure 0.75"; 1"; 1.25"; and 1.5" providing the four principal diameters common to power tool dust shrouds.

A zippered storage bag allows you to keep all your options at hand.