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98570 | Separator Bucket 12 Gallon with Air Relief and Quick Click Hose and Adapters

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The 98570 is a solution for capturing dust from power tools passing it through a separator for collection of debris and on to your standard wet-dry home shop vacuum, commercial vacuum, or garage vacuum in commercial or domestic use.

A separator saves money by reducing the use of filter bags, cartridge filters, and or panel filters in your vacuum lost to fine debris. It saves you time by reducing the need to service filters to maintain vacuum performance. It can increase the vacuums life by ensuring optimum airflow and the fine dust which can reduce motor life.

The 98570 starts with a 1.25" X 16' Quick Click hose solution with a five pieces adapter set ideal for connecting to dust shrouds measuring 0.75"; 1"; 1.25"; 1.5"; external fit and 2.25" internal fit. The TPE adapters are made of a 55 shore TPE allowing them to stretch to fit over larger dust shroud diameters and hold tight during tool use.

The 98570 features the Quick Click dust separator with its unique baffle design to capture 99% of dust and debris generated by your tools protecting your vacuum filters from contamination and you from the health risks associated with fine particulate. The Quick Click separator can be sued with or without the installed baffle if the debris being collected is large in size (exceeding 0.75") why still maintaining over 95% efficiency in capturing even fine debris. If planning use as an element of a two stage filtration system many use the separator without the baffle. Some consider using two separators in series the first without the baffle the second with baffle resulting in two stage filtration. A great solution for demolition work common for remodelers.

The 12 gallon high density polyethylene collection bin features a screw lid with locking ratchet feature which makes accessing the debris bin for emptying fast and reliable. The heavy duty bucket has built in handles for easy carrying even when full. The screw lid replacing the common pry lid ensures years of reliable service. A unique locking mechanism ensures the bin remains closed even during transport. The system can be used for both wet and dry debris.

The separator bin is equipped with an adjustable air relief valve designed to prevent sealed suction conditions which can be damaging to your vacuum. We recommend adjusting the relief valve to pen as you approach a 95% sealed condition to ensure cooling air to your vacuums motor is maintained.

A 1.5" X 10 foot commercial grade crush proof vacuum hose is provided for connecting from the separator to your home shop vacuum, commercial vacuum, or wall hung garage vacuum. Highly flexible with a smooth interior the hose optimizes the performance of your vacuum. The 360 degree swivel end fittings come with the necessary adapters to make connections to vacuums with 1.5", 1.75"; 2.25"; 2.63" tank openings.

Ideal for both domestic and commercial use both wet and dry.

The 98570 comes fully assembled and ready for use. Dimensions assembled 17" X 17" X 35".

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