Allergen Reducing Dust Mite Eradication Vacuum Tool with Adapter

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Allergen Reducing Dust Mite Eradication Vacuum Tool with Adapter

The 94599 is designed as a cost effective vacuum tool for dramatically reducing allergen promoting dust mites, dust mite residue, pet dander and other similar materials which can collect in the surface of a mattress, bedding, or other cloth covered surfaces like upholstered furniture. The tool uses the power of your domestic or commercial vacuum to spin a specially designed agitator that vibrates the cloth surface to lift the allergens into the air stream where they can be pulled away to be captured by your vacuums filtration system. The pivoting shoe design of the 94599 keeps the agitator parallel to the surface positioning the agitator for optimum results. The soft thermo-plastic paddles are molded in white to insure the tool will not color, discolor, or damage the surface of the mattress, bedding, or cloth surface as it gently by effectively reduces the allergens trapped on the surface. SLG, a prestigious European testing laboratory has certified the effectiveness of the 94599 in reducing allergens. The 94599 is also ideal for cleaning dog or pet bedding or sleeping pads of pet dander. The 94599 is deigned to fit industry standard 1. 25” curved handles or extension wands on major brands of canister and upright vacuums. The 1. 375” adaptor lets the tool to also connect to popular European made vacuums like Miele or Sebo that employ wands 1. 375” wands. Additionally, the 94599 can be used with major brands of central vacuums including Nutone, Electrolux, Eureka, Beam, MD, Vacumaid, Vacuflo, Canavac, Drain Vac, Cyclovac, Honeywell, Duo Vac, Imperium, and Husky.

  • Designed to connect to major brands of standard household or commercial vacuums equipped with 1. 25” or 1. 375” wands and through the use of the vacuums vibrate mattress surfaces, upholstered furnishings and carpeted surfaces to lift and vacuum away dust mites, pet dander, and other contaminants which are shown to result in allergic symptoms
  • Features a turbine which is spun by the air flow of the vacuum which drives a specialize agitator with soft thermoplastic rubber paddles that safely vibrate the surface of the mattress, bedding, upholstered furnishings, and even carpets to effectively lift the allergens allowing them to be captured by the air stream and pulled away where they are captured by the filtration system of your vacuum
  • The soft paddles of the 94599 are molded in white eliminating the risk of the tool transferring color, discoloring, or altering the colors of the mattress bedding or upholstered surfaces
  • Features a floating shoe design that keeps the agitator parallel to the surface to insure the agitator is always positioned for effective performance. The pivoting shoe allows the tool to be used with the curved handle typical of canister vacuums for use on above the floor surfaces or with extension wands for extending reach or doing surfaces one or near the floor
  • Has third party certification of the tool’s performance as an effective solution for reducing dust mites, mite by product, pet dander, and other al showing it an effective low cost solution by SLG a prestigious European testing laboratory

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