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98416 Quick Click Separator Bucket 5 Gallon and 1.5 Inch X 10 Foot Commercial Hose

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Optimize the performance of your home shop vacuum, commercial vacuum, garage vacuum, or central vacuum by employing the use of a separator to reduce performance robbing filter contamination.

The 98416 combines the Quick Click translucent separator mounted on a 5 gallon heavy duty plastic pail with threaded lid fully assembled. Included is a 1.5" X 10 foot commercial grade vacuum hose with adapters permitting it to connect from the separator to a home shop vacuum or to be used as a commercial hose from the separator to the dust collection side of the separator. The Quick Click separator is proven effective is separating dust and debris from the air stream prior to it reaching the vacuum in both domestic and commercial use.

The use of a dust separator saves cost by reducing filter use, and protecting the vacuum from fine dust that can reduce vacuum life.

The Quick Click separator design offers a wide diameter smooth air path to increase the cyclonic separation of  dust and debris from the air stream and optimizing efficiency of the power coming from the vacuums air stream. Exclusive to the Quick Click separator is the inclusion of a baffle plate that increases the effective separation of very fine dust by preventing it returning to the vacuum through the recovery air. As debris fall below the baffle it is effectively blocked from moving back above the baffle.

High quality rubber gaskets assure a leak proof system. The base stem of the separator projects through the bucket lid to provide more stability and assurance to the assemblies integrity. Full size 2.25" inlet and exit points optimize airflow.

The 98416 includes a 5 gallon HDPE heavy duty pail for capturing debris. The heavy duty threaded lid replaces the typical pry lid with a threaded solution that makes it easy to empty debris and assures years of reliable service without risk to damaging the lid. A unique ratchet locking feature ensures the lid will not release from the bin should it tip during use or while being transported.

A commercial grade highly flexible 1.5" X 10 foot vacuum hose features a smooth interior for superior airflow. 360 degree swivel adapters each end permit the hose to connect from the separator or typical home shop vacuum or for the hose to be used on the intake of the separator for general clean-up.

The system comes fully assembled and checked to ensure a leak proof system as it goes directly into service at your location.

All components are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.